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  1. James

    Great work !
    I applied the arpnat patch in openwrt version 8.09.2 (svn) but this not work for me. The patch apply with no errors and compilation report ok. I upgrade fonera routers com my vesion and modules ebtables arpnat are up but no arpnat reply. Dou you make compilatiom over openwrt version 8.09.2 ? Your images are ok e arpnat work perfectely. Please, post instructions for compilation withyour version. Thank you e great job !

  2. James

    Hi Angus,

    Thank you for your reply!

    Well, I go to show the steps that I followed:

    Openwrt compilation:
    mesh@LPtelecom:~$ svn co svn://svn.openwrt.org/openwrt/tags/8.09.2 arpnat-test

    mesh@LPtelecom:~$ cd arpnat-test

    mesh@LPtelecom:~/arpnat-test$ wget http://projectgus.com/files/openwrt/arpnat/patches/04-arpnat.patch

    mesh@LPtelecom:~/arpnat-test$ patch -p1 < 04-arpnat.patch
    patching file package/madwifi/files/etc/hotplug.d/net/20-client_bridge
    patching file package/ebtables/patches/100-arpnat.patch
    patching file target/linux/generic-2.6/patches-2.6.26/701-arpnat.patch
    patching file target/linux/generic-2.6/config-2.6.26

    mesh@LPtelecom:~/arpnat-test$ wget http://projectgus.com/files/openwrt/arpnat/patches/08-config-hwaddr.patch

    mesh@LPtelecom:~/arpnat-test$ patch -p1 (openwrt fonera) reply “Destination Port Unreachable”

    Please, Angus, help me.
    Thank you again.

  3. James


    My post was broken. Show complete post at:

    Thank you again,

  4. James


    Yes, your image work fine (same setup). My arp table report correct MAC: ether 00:12:cf:81:7e:34 C eth0 ether 00:15:6d:aa:86:25 C eth0

    My laptop no have default gateway. Please, how do you do building your images ?


  5. oMatrix

    Hi Angus

    That’s a great work.

    I have a question about it. Is there any patch to work with ath5k driver instead of madwifi?

    Thanks in advance


  6. normunds

    it works well on our test but few glitches are seen.
    1) when the link is flapping. Its on the margin of loosing we saw mac address of the client changing in desktop (arp -a ) sometimes of ath0 and sometimes of eth0 which make the station unreachable.
    2) broadcast arp from wireless interface from inside the station. Like pinging anything on the wireless side crashes the station and it reboots.

  7. neo

    Hi angus

    I saw your comment on openwrt website (https://forum.openwrt.org/viewtopic.php?pid=116595).

    I have a problem with ath5k and wds mode. My setup is something like yours, just my AP and client systems are like each other. Now when I use wds option without encryption or encryption without wds everything work fine. but when I use wds and encryption together, my link is connected but I can’t send or receive any thing. even I can’t ping AP from client side console or vice versa.

    I thought may be you know anything about this problem.

    Thanks in advance


  8. schniggie

    Hey angus,
    great work … i want to mention that you must be careful with the kernel modules (kmod) form the default repository … you must compile all kmods with the above kernel config. with the default kmods the userland applications will segfault …

  9. normunds

    better late than never. I lost this site. ;)
    sta…….. ap

    pinging from station to ap reboots the station running arpnat.
    Had eric developed fresh patch for openwrt with newer kernels 2.6.32 onwards ? If yes then plz provide me the link.
    One instance in installed scdp cisco discovery protocol on br-lan and the station started rebooting in loops as soon as scdp sends broadcast to network.

  10. keba

    Orginaly ARPNAT was created by Kestutis Barkauskas in November 2005.
    Rewritten by the same guy and Kestutis Kupciunas in November 2006 from ubnt.com. There were about 7 major fixes/changes since that.
    Last modifications on original sources were done by Darius Ivanauskas in May 2011.
    Since first public release there are a lot of different clones of original code.

    ARPNAT becomes kind of obsolete feature. Almost all APs support WDS now.

  11. Serafim


    I’m using the latest Gargoyle build 1.5.10 and I want to run your MAC address DHCP patch on my wr741nd. Is this possible? Can you help me on how to do it?


  12. Damien Mascord

    Hi guys,

    As my routers have powerful enough CPUs, I prefer to use the ARPNAT patch rather than WDS.

    You can find the patch updated to build with OpenWRT trunk as of today at http://tusker.org/trunk_arpnat+sta-bridge.patch



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