10 responses to “Open Letter to Wondermedia Technologies”

  1. anonymous

    Please mail this to them (snail mail).

  2. Mattias

    Angus, that’s an excellent letter and it definitely shows how passionate you are about this! :)

  3. John Villar

    Man! Wish wondermedia reads this letter… they sorely need better linux kernels and more graphics acceleration, their chipset is great but their distributions suck big time.

    Props to you pal… This letter is made of pure win!

  4. gorkon

    Not to mention they could probably have tablets that are at least better competitors to the Galaxy Tab and others. If the cards line up right, these tablets and netbooks could very well be category killers.

  5. Review: Neuros Control Tablet 1002 | Gear Diary

    [...] drivers and some spec sheets specific to the MW8505 which is made by Wondermedia.  Project Gus has a nice letter to them stating the communities intentions and needs.  Only time will tell if the code will get [...]

  6. eradicus

    This is an excellent letter. I hope manufacturers will be able to read this.

  7. Duncan Bayne

    Back pocket is where it counts. Why not start a pledge:

    I, XXXXX XXXXX, pledge to buy an MW8505 tablet the same day that Wondermedia releases a Free SDK that includes all data sheets, source code, etc. for the device.

    Put it somewhere public, post the link around (Hacker News, anyone?) and see how many pledges you get.

  8. Daisy Duke

    “MW8505″ said Duncan Bayne

    WonderMedia is WM unlike ModernWarfare which is MW…lol

  9. Nomad

    Unfortunately, we still don’t have GPU operational manual and driver provided with kernel source is a crap.. :(

  10. Cristian

    Great letter! Send a copy to service@wondermedia.com.tw

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